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Studio, Portable Office, Donga, Lunch Room

Studio, Portable Office, Donga, Lunch Room

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Our studio is completely customisable to be a lunchroom, office, studio flat, weekender, showroom, salon, massage room, we add all the things you want here in Australia with nice finishes and quality components made to order. If you have an idea of what you want just call us and we can make it for you. 

Our units are popular because they are Australian made with high roofs, most studios on the market are imported from China and have a small 2.25 metres roof to fit into shipping containers.

We have high roofs , compressed fibro floors, super nice bathrooms, 75mm insulation all around to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

We can put the units onto a trailer as well to be mobile or to meet certain council requirements to not have to apply for a development application. 

Prices start at $12999 for the base unit with lights and power. 

You can add on and customise 

For example a 2.5 kilowatt good quality cree Air Conditioner is $1500 installed. 

Add a Hotwater System Gas 20 litre $1150 

Add a simple toilet $1600 

Add a bathroom which is shower and toilet, $5000 tiled and nice finish 

Simple bathroom with a bathroom pod $3500 

Add a kitchen, $3500, benches, over head cupboards, splashback tiles and kitchen sink. 

You can add a Bathroom and Toilet, Kitchen, Television, Hot water... 

  • 14.2m² Total Area - 5.78m(L) x 2.47m(W) x 2.5m(H) 
  • Approx. Weight 1.5 tonnes (excluding customisations) 
  • Standard Inclusions 
  • Construction 
  • Heavy duty 75mm EPS Galvanised steel sandwich panel walls/ceiling 
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel frame 
  • Robust door with aluminium frame and double glazed tempered glass windows 
  • 18mm fibre cement subfloor board base, pre-fitted to steel frame. 
  • Electrical and Plumbing 
  • Pre-wired outlets, switches and power box 
  • Australian standards approved electrical cabling 
  • Pre-fitted hot/cold inlets  
  • Plumbing fittings, taps, shower and fixtures with WaterMark certification 
  • Separate drain pipes for waste water and grey water 

Feel free to call us for a price on your design...

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