Councils in Australia and Granny Flats, Caravans, Transportable Homes, Moveable Dwellings


Every state and in some states every council has its own rules and regulations on what is allowed on your property. 

I've put a collection of links and examples here to help you navigate through what's allowed and real-life examples. Councils and states are relaxing their rules and ideas around Tiny Homes daily. 

Our units by themselves are classed as movable dwellings or transportable homes 

The national building code of Australia stipulates a 2.4 ms ceiling height, most units imported from overseas are under this limit because the size of a normal shipping container is 2.4 ms and it needs to fit into that, otherwise it would need an oversized shipping container to transport it and very expensive. 

If the units are placed onto a trailer, then they are classed as a caravan or tiny home on a trailer. 

More and more locations across Australia are allowing tiny homes on trailers. Councils and states are becoming easier to install units due to the housing crisis and old rules.. 

Two locations in Australia are trialing Tiny homes for permanent living, Esperance in Western Australia and the Surf Coast in Victoria. 


New South Wales 

State Wide legislations supersede the council regulations 

Agritourism NSW Planning Accommodation Rules explained, Farm Gate 

Eurobodalla Shire and Tiny Homes 

Port Macquarie Council 


Coffs Harbour and Tiny Houses 


WOLLONDILLY shire and tiny homes 





Lockyer Valley and Tiny Homes 

Western Australia 



Bass Coast and Tiny Homes 
Council to trial domestic use of tiny houses on wheels 


South Australia 




Here is collection of articles reflecting the changes being made 

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