About Us

Instant Cabins started out specialising in Cabins for elderly relatives, we made our bathrooms big enough to have a shower chair and room to add a washing machine so it was fully self-contained.  

The farming community discovered them as a way to have good quality accommodation to accommodate farm workers who were all shapes and sizes. 

Lately the farming community has been using the unit to rent as farm stays, you can read more about the Agritourism rules here. 

Our cabins are used for accommodation all over the harshest environments from the snowy mountains to far north Queensland, you can read here of the changes we have made to our units. 

We can supply everything you need to be completely off the grid including solar, hot water system, air conditioning, septic and more. 


We have distribution centres based all around Australia and can supply a unit to you quickly and easily. 
(Ph) NSW 02 4312 5545, QLD 07 2103 6969, WA 08 6186 5200 INSTANT CABINS ABN 70904374050