Contruction of Expandable Shipping Container Homes


Whilst most Shipping Container Homes look the same it’s the materials and construction that is the difference. We have been manufacturing for 10 years and we're constantly adapting to the harsh conditions found in Australia. If you find a bargain or a cheaper version look for the items below, a cheaper version will cost you more in the long run-in, in repairs and some units will not be worth the money to repair them. 

Rock Wool Insulated Panels 

Our Panels, all of our panels are made from Fire Retardant rock wool which offers Non-combustible fire protection and increased insulation over cheaper Polyurethane Sandwich Panel. Always check what the panels are made of when purchasing one of these units as cheaper units are made of cheaper materials. 


 The Floors 

Materials for the floor is a deciding factor for the price and quality, we use MGO, which is magnesium oxide, its common name is compressed fibro, this is impervious to water which means it can sit in water, floods for months and still not change shape, unlike other materials that rot, enlarge or change shape.  

MGO has another great property, rodents' ants and other creature cannot penetrate or consume it, there was a problem in the mice plague where rodents were chewing through inferior floors and entering into houses. 


The Electrics 

We are originally a technology company, so our units are forward compatible to accommodate 50 amps coming into the unit, it has a 10mm mains. This means you can use it for solar easily, you can use a nomal stove, air conditioning is prewired. Our electrical is to Australian standards. 

We have two circuit boards, one is for appliances above 15 amps, stove, air-condition, hot water system. This means if you are using solar already you can connect these appliances easily. 

The other circuit board is a 15 amp supply, the same as a caravan, this limits you to using 10 amp appliances like an air fryer, induction cooker and a microwave. 

On cheaper versions of container homes, you will only find the ability to add 15-amp circuits. 



Our windows are double glazed glass, this is for sound proofing and insulation, some companies use Perspex which unfortunately cracks under harsh conditions and does not offer good sound and insulation qualities.  

Window frames  
Our window frames are made of aluminum, plastic window frames will crack in the sun and leak, some companies use plastic which is coated in a material that looks like Alfoil, once you scratch off the alfoil underneath is plastic. 


Our bathroom is our biggest selling point, we have a full sized bathroom with a huge shower, big enough to fit two people comfortably if you need assisted showering, big enough to fit a shower chair. Beware of houses selling the capsule style bathroom, these units are very small and intended for people below 70kgs and under 160cms tall, no room for a shower chair and very uncomfortable. 

We also have provision for a washing machine under our sink with a full waste, power point and water outlets. 


Instruction manual 

We supply a full instruction manual on how to put your unit together, if you put the units together and miss some critical parts in sealing and constructing then you will be wasting time and money in trying to set it up, buying back yard cheap units off gumtree will not have manuals and you will encounter these problems. 

Spare Parts 

We have a complete warehouse full of spare parts, if you buy a cheaper unit and need to replace windows, doors, sliders, locks or other parts they are not available, and your unit will be useless.  

Quality Control 

All of our units have been inspected prior to delivery for faults, quality control and electrical, if you buy something straight off a boat there are no checks, and you risk the problems that arise from this.