Expanding Shipping Container Granny Flats & Portable Homes

Our Cabins have a generous sized bathroom, the shower can accommodate a shower chair so its fine for elderly people to use. Just because you are in a small house it doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. 

The bathroom also has room for a washing machine under the sink with plumbing ready to be hooked up. 

Solar Packages
We have put together a series of packages especially designed for Tiny Houses.

We specialise in Farm accommodation for workers or for using for Farm Stays Check out the new rules in New South Wales Agritourism NSW Planning Accomodation Rules explained, Farm Gate https://www.cabins.com.au/blogs/news/how-to-make-more-money-on-your-farm-with-new-rules-from-nsw-government 


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Can I set one these units up in my state? You can see the rules and regulations from different states here https://www.cabins.com.au/pages/councils-in-australia-and-granny-flats-caravans-transportable-homes-moveable-dwellings 


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We can supply everything you need to be completely off the grid including solar, hot water system, air conditioning, septic and more.   https://www.cabins.com.au/collections/frontpage 


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Instant Expandable Portable Tiny Homes

The kitchen is a full size kitchen with tonnes of room to store food, plates, pots and pans. We have a stone bench top which looks great and it's also practical. 

You can either have two bedrooms or leave the dividing wall out to make one large bedroom in our demountable buildings. 

Our electrics have 2 circuit boards, one for lights and power and the second circuit board is already pre wired to accommodate a stove, air conditioning and even solar, just connect it and the unit is ready to go. Units are set up to be off grid easily. 

The floor is compressed fibro which is impervious to water so it cannot get wood rot if you are in a wet area, rodents or animals cannot chew through it so it’s a bullet proof base. 

The walls are 75mm cool room panel which is the same material used to insulate your fridge at home, this means we are warm in winter and cool in summer greatly reducing your heating and cooling costs, we have units in the snow and also in the tropics.. The walls are made of galvanised steel. 

All of our windows are double glazed for sound proofing and greater insulation, all windows come with flyscreens. 

All of our wiring, power points and lights are to Australian standards. 

All connections are at the rear of the unit, power can simply be connected by a 15 amp lead like a caravan or hard wired in if you require more power for more appliances in your demountable home.. 

Plumbing is simple to hook up as well and water can be plumbed in from a garden hose so its very cost effective.

The units come in a 20 foot container size and are then expanded out to around 6x 6 metres, all units need a few days to be expanded and installed and you can be in your new Tiny home quickly. 

Our shipping container granny flats units come with one year warranty 36m² Total Area - 5.8m(L) x 6.2m(W) x 2.5m(H) 

Heavy duty galvanised steel frame 

Plumbing fittings, taps, shower and fixtures with WaterMark certification.

Our units are much wider than the traditional Dongas for sale.

Our Units are set up in days and much quicker than a kit home.


We have distribution centres all over Australia to deliver to you quickly and easily
Ph NSW 0243125545, QLD 07 2103 6969, WA 08 6186 5200

We deliver all units on a Tilt Tray Tow Truck.

Our delivery drivers are experienced in loading our units into position for you on your foundations.

Please call us for a delivery quote before ordering thanks

Typical prices are around $800 for Capital Cities

$1000-$1200 within a couple of hours of a capital city

$1500-$2500 for most regional areas

Instant Cabins means you can have accomodation set up quickly with easy connections. Our units are simple to set up, insulated and tried and tested in the harsh Australian conditions.

Questions about what you can do with granny flats

We have the answers to many questions involving granny flats and cabins and also some ideas on how to set them up

We have distribution centres all over Australia to deliver to you quickly and easily Ph 02 4312 5545