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Complete Off Grid Solar Kit w/ Panels, Batteries & Inverter

Complete Off Grid Solar Kit w/ Panels, Batteries & Inverter

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We have put together a series of packages especially designed for Tiny Houses. Each system is modular which means you can add to it easily. The System is supply only and will need to be installed by a local installer and we can help to find one for you. Some states in Australia offer rebates for solar installation which means the cost of installation will be discounted or free. 

I will give you a break down of each package and its recommended use. 

Package one, 8 panels of solar which is 3.5 kilowatt, 5-kilowatt inverter and 5-kilowatt battery. This is a good entry level package and a good package if you get good sun all year round. You can add an additional battery to the system if you need more storage. 

Package two, 16 Panels of solar which is 7-kilowatt, 5-kilowatt inverter and 5-kilowatt battery. This is a good system if you are in areas where the sun is not constant all year around for example the Canberra area, although the batteries are modular which means you can add them easily if you add extra panels onto a system then you will still need to pay an installer to install them so its best to start out with as many panels as you can afford and then add batteries on later if you need more storage. I would recommend this as the best starter package. 

Package Three, 16 Panels of solar which is 7-kilowatt, 5-kilowatt inverter and 10-kilowatt battery. This is a good system for medium use, lots of panels, good inverter and 10 kilowatts battery which can be added onto if needed. 

Package Four, 16 Panels of solar which is 7-kilowatt, 5-kilowatt inverter and 15-kilowatt battery, This is a good system for areas that don't get a lot of sun or heavy use, the storage will get you through the days of rain or cloudy periods and the extra storage will give you more capacity for running more appliances. 

Package Five, 16 Panels of solar which is 7-kilowatt, 5-kilowatt inverter and 20-kilowatt battery, our big package, this package will equip you for heavy usage and or low sun applications. 

What's Included:

  • AVOL GENIUS Solar Batteries from 5kWh up to 20kWh
  • AVOL GENIUS 5kW Hybrid Inverter
  • Jinko All-Black 440W Solar Panels from 3.5kW (8 panels) up to 7kW (16 panels)
  • Antai Solar Panel mounting kit for TIN or TILE roofs
  • All necessary cables and connectors
    AVOL GENIUS Batteries & Inverter:
    • Modular 5.1kWh LiFePO4 battery units, expandable up to 20kWh
    • Battery cells produced by leading global manufacturer CATL
    • IP65 weather rating
    • Hybrid operation inverter for either off-grid or grid-connected setups
    • Remote access from mobile app available
    • 5000W power output 
    Jinko Solar Panels
    • All-black 420-440W panel units
    • N-type monocrystalline cells
    • Up to 18 panels at 7kW in a kit
    • SMBB & HOT2.0 Technology (see datasheet)

    Price includes GST, supply only.

    Need installation? We can recommend a qualified installer for you from our list of installers across Australia.

    Please see below for more information, or contact us today to get in touch about your solar energy needs.

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    AVOL GENIUS Battery Datasheet: Click to view

    AVOL GENIUS Inverter Datasheet: Click to view

    Jinko Solar panels datasheet: Click to view

    Jinko Solar panels installation guide: Click to view

    Jinko Solar panels mounting statement: Click to view


    AVOL GENIUS 5kWh Battery Modules:

    • Battery type: LFP (LiFePO4)
    • Weight: 54kg
    • Dimensions: 540x240x530mm
    • IP65 Ingress Protection
    • Energy Capacity: 5.12kWh
    • DC Circuit Breaker: 125A
    • Operating Voltage Range: 44.8-56.5V
    • Max charge/discharge current: 50A/80A
    • Max charge/discharge power: 2825W/4096W

    AVOL GENIUS 5kW Hybrid Inverter:

    • Dimensions: 540x590x240mm
    • Weight: 32kg
    • Max PV input power: 6500W
    • Nominal AC power output: 5000W
    • Nominal AC Voltage: 230V
    • Max output current: 22A
    • Max input current: 32A

    Jinko All-Black Tiger Neo Satin N-type Solar panels:

    • Maximum power: 440W
    • Maximum voltage: 32.99V
    • Maximum current: 13.34A
    • Module efficiency: 22%
    • Dimensions: 1762x1134x30mm
    • Weight: 22kg


    AVOL GENIUS information: Click here to view

    Jinko Website: Click here to view


      Our solar kit is an affordable price compared to other options on the Australian market today. Rest assured your investment will last you and prove to be a reliable source of clean energy for your off grid container home!


      When utilising the AVOL GENIUS Inverter, you have the opportunity to make the most out of the solar energy your system is collecting. Generating surplus energy? Feed it back into the grid and earn tariffs (free profits!).


      Without batteries, a solar power system with only panels (and inverter) won't be able to harness the additional energy produced by your panels. This energy is thus wasted and can't be used at night or on cloudy days.

    See The Kit in Action

    View previous applications of our solar kit including panels, batteries and inverter.

    GENIUS Hybrid Inverter Modes

    Discover the power management modes the AVOL GENIUS Inverter allows you to monitor and manage with. The GENIUS Inverter also allows for remote management via mobile app.

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    Completely Off Grid Solar Systems

    Deliver scalable energy storage capacities of up to 20kWh for residential homes and buildings.

    The solution can be set-up as a new PV system with solar battery storage, or retro-fit in an existing PV system. Ideal for residential & small commercial businesses – fit kits with your own solar panels.

    Convert the current PV system to include battery energy storage of up to 20kWh. Each kit includes installation accessories necessary.

    Self Consume Mode

    During daylight, system supports home loads, charges battery and feeds excess to power grid. At night, home loads are supported by battery and grid if charge isn’t sufficient.

    Battery Priority Mode

    PV-Battery System is only used as backup power supply when the grid fails. The battery can be charged with power from a PV system or from the grid.

    Peak Shift Mode

    Accessible through the inverter settings or mobile app. The battery system is charged/ discharged at preset times and power usage to support the grid system.